About CC

My Background (snippets)

I have a Masters degree in Education from Pepperdine, and a BA in English and Broadcast Journalism, also from Pepperdine.

I have tried a lot of things in my life, attempting to figure out my true calling, which is the discovery of how to give employees, young people and parents the support and tools they need and want.

I lived in London and learned about art from the top Art History Educator in England.  I am a published poet.  I have traveled the world and the US...and I’ve written it all down.  

I have been in movies and on TV.  I have written the news for TV (they call it producing).  I have a radio show for teens and another for adults.  I have been a teacher and a student...in schools, businesses, and social organizations. 

I am a lean manufacturing expert, an author, and a CLAD certified teacher in all subjects K-9.

Who I Am

Clicking on the pics at the right will tell you more about me.  I am certainly “different.”  I grew up feeling “weird” and figured out how to change weird to exceptional.  That’s why I can make such a difference in your success--I relate. Education isn’t appropriate the way it is now in most venues.  I am here to improve it according to the INDIVIDUAL and in response to research which proves how our brains learn & work best.  

Want to know more or have a question? Just email me.

I will do my best to answer anything! 

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