What I’ve Done

Well, this feels like I’m bragging, but I suppose you should know that I’ve succeeded, and understand how to do just that in many different ways--specifically the ways you might want to succeed.  So, here goes!

I’m a published poet--I was the featured poet for 2009 Transcendance at the PAC in Tulsa and my poem The Valley won the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago’s Nature House contest...that poem was exhibited there in Chicago as a work of art!

I’ve produced television shows and news.  I started a show in Tulsa (with some other very savvy folks) called Tulsapalooza.  It was the beginning of the recognition of Tulsa as a live, original music venue.  I was also the Hollywood Reporter for Channel 3 (Malibu’s TV Station in the 90’s).  I got to cover stars on the walk of fame, and more.  From that I developed a children’s show called “CC UNcensored” --like a children’s version of Oprah.  It was neat.  Someone should have bought that.

I’ve written several books and published five.  You can buy the five online.  Each one is about a different area of health (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and relationships).  They are interactive, so you can make choices and get advice that is specific to your needs.  So far, they’re the only ones I know of their kind.

I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa which is an organization for those who are exceptional in the field of Education.

I’ve been an extra in several movies.

I was awarded the Diversity Change Agent for Boeing in 2006.  The neat thing about that is that Brandon Meisner and I founded some groups and developed the diversity program for Boeing.  They recognized us for changing the culture at our site from one of feeble tolerance of others to one of embracing others’ differences and capitalizing on the diversity in teams.

I was chosen to be on the Mesa Boeing Site Strategic Planning Committee.  I helped shape the direction of Boeing in Mesa, Arizona, and developed the company there into something the employees and the management were happy with.  It was so amazing to be meeting with politicians, road planning committees, organizations we’d volunteer for and more.

Last year I headed up Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Committee.  I was the first President of it in Tulsa.  I developed a go-forward plan for youth to be involved in helping everyone have suitable housing.  I designed a contest in the arts and awards ceremony for Tulsa students.  It was so rewarding, and I think the group will become an important part of Tulsa in the future.

Back in the day, I got the Dean’s scholarship to Pepperdine, and the Executive Women International scholarship for Oklahoma.

I was the only student to ever intern with Rachel Barnes in London.  She is a professor, lecturer, author, radio host, columnist, and more.  She taught me all about Art History (and I mean ALL about it) and how to teach in the museums in Europe.  I’ve been to hundreds of museums from Oslo, Norway to Florence, Italy.  I love teaching history through Art.  It is an awesome experience.

I was chosen to be on the Philbrook panel for marketing go-forward plan for 2009.

I am certified in regression hypnosis, a member of Screen Actor’s Guild, and certified in Lindamood-Bell Visualizing Verbalizing techniques.

As I think of more I’ll try to add them.  Thanks for listening!!

© CC Lawhon 2011