Find Your Brilliance! If you are taking this for a private session with CC, be sure to email your answers and why you chose them to info@guru-you.com before you meet. Remember, you can choose up to 3 answers for each question!

Write down one or two of your favorite answers for each question.  At the end, check scoring instructions.

1. If someone asked you to explain how to ride a bike, what would you say/do? (it's best to imagine what you would do, then read the answers...if nothing comes to you, go ahead and read the answers)

    A. I would pretend to get on it and show them with my body/hands what to do

    B. I would draw a picture for them or explain it by creating a picture in their mind

    C. I would, very carefully using words, explain clearly, step by step what to do (starting with get on the bike, put your hands on the handlebars, one foot on a pedal, push with that foot, etc)

    D. I would explain that as you get on the bike, the inertia you create by propelling the bike forward with the force of your foot, combined with the correct gear ratio will cause you to more easily balance...

    E. I would show them the rhythm and flow of steady riding and how easy it is if you just feel the rhythm

    F. I would tell them that I could help them do it if they have a bike, or explain how when you first learn it's best if someone else holds the back so they help you balance and then let go when you're ready to go it alone.

    G. I would tell them to get on, and push the pedals, and steer, but it isn't something you can teach, they just have to feel it and get the vibe themselves.

    H. I would tell them about when I went mountain biking for the first time and how awesome it was, the feel of the sun on my back and wind in my face, and how I felt free


2. If I had to learn a certain amount of information, I'd like to do it like this:

    a. play a game, a sport, or have someone SHOW me (instead of reading it or listening to it)

    b. I'd like to look at pictures or maps to learn it

    c. I'd like to read it or listen to it on cd/tape...how it is worded is important...it should be clear, but descriptive enough to be interesting

    d. I'd like it explained step-by-step (written or verbal is fine) and possibly have a workbook or outline to go through

    e. I'd like to listen to it in a song/rap, write a song about it, or even listen to it on my ipod somehow if possible--if it's a book, I'd rather hear it on tape than have to read it

    f.  I'd like a friend or teacher to talk to me about it over coffee or beers

    g. I'd like to meditate on it and discover the learning for myself

    h. I'd like to be sitting outside somewhere beautiful (beach, mountaintop, or a lakeside even) when I learn it, or if I had to be in a classroom, I'd be okay with a beautiful book with descriptive pictures and parallels to the natural world


3. I feel most comfortable/at peace/in my element...

    a. When I am moving around somehow (dancing, sports, walking, running, drumming, bouncing, rocking, etc)

    b. When I am looking at beautiful scenery or pictures or picturing how something is arranged (designing, making or reading maps, rearranging)

    c. When I am writing, talking, or reading (explaining or listening to someone else explain)

    d. When I am working out problems (analyzing, thinking, figuring, deducing, solving)

    e. When I am listening to music (enjoying, singing, or playing)

    f. When I am talking with people (or at social events of any sort-either interacting with one, a few, or many people)

    g. When I am meditating or contemplating my views, ideals, thoughts (alone, with a mentor, or reading self-help books)

    h. When I am outside, in nature or learning about nature (being with animals, riding horses, hiking, camping, swimming, just sitting staring at the stars, or watching the sunset, sunrise)


4. If I could do anything I wanted for my daily job, (money and skills not factors) I would ___________.

    a. Move (something where I could be moving my body)

    b. Design

    c. Write or Speak

    d. Analyze or Solve Problems (This can range from Engineering to Mysteries)

    e. Play or Sing Music

    f. Just hang out with my friends and talk

    g. Find Enlightenment (better myself in many ways)

    h. Climb mountains, explore nature, or work with animals


5. If my mother had to describe me in one word, she'd call me a ..

    a. WiggleButt

    b. Visualizer

    c. Talker

    d. Thinker

    e. MusicMan (or MusicGal)

    f. Socializer

    g. Introvert (Visionary)

    h. Treehugger


6. I find the following picture the most interesting to look at:



Illustration on 9-11 above by Theresa Schiffer, click it for her website or here for a full size version!


    e. but wouldn't it be cool if you could hear this picture??





7. If I had to get a dog, I would most like...

    a. An active one

    b. A beautiful one

    c. One that could "speak" and was a good listener

    d. A smart one

    e. One that would chill with me and like my music

    f. One that would go everywhere with me and maybe even do therapy work for the elderly or sick

    g. One that was an old soul...one that "got" me

    h. One that would hike and camp with me


8. I think I might enjoy a poem called...

    a. Physical Energy

    b. Picture This:

    c. A Play On Words

    d. 4000 over 3

    e. I Heard the Lyre Play

    f. She Loved Me

    g. I Am.

    h. Dew Drop Canyon


9. When I was little I wanted to be a:

    a. Pro Athlete or Dancer

    b. Architect or Interior Designer

    c. Author

    d. Scientist

    e. Musician or Singer

    f. Psychologist or Teacher

    g. Spiritual Leader (or Priest or Minister)

    h. Outback Guide


10. People don't understand that I need ________ !

    a. to MOVE

    b. to SEE it

    c. to TALK


    e. My MUSIC

    f. Other People

    g. to Understand ME

  1. to be in NATURE

NOTE: If you are CC’s client, please write down your answers and WHY you picked each one or couldn’t decide and EMAIL THEM to CC before your first session.

Now, count up your chosen letters...which letters did you mark the most?  Whichever ones you marked most are your style of learning and how you can BEST shine in school and in life. If you have a tie in any two, you just are equally brilliant in TWO ways!

Click below to see more about your particular brand of brilliance.  

If you want a more detailed assessment with advice on how to best implement your wisdom style in real life, email or call me. You can order a full work-up on your personal style, with charts and even advice for parents and teachers, as well as a phone call or meeting to help explain the details and answer questions.


a. Bodily/Kinesthetic ...you learn/understand the world through movement--both yours and others'

b. Visual/Spatial ... you learn by picturing things--you have to be able to see it in your mind or on paper.  For you a picture IS worth a thousand words.

c. Verbal/Linguistic ...you learn in the more traditional way of reading, writing, and explaining verbally--plus you do best seeing something written down

d. Mathematical/Logical ...you learn by logical deductive reasoning--you like workbooks and organized, scientific approaches to life, the Universe and Everything!

e. Musical ...you learn through music--whether you are playing it or listening to it, it helps you understand life

f.  Interpersonal ...you learn through contact with others--you "get" things by discussion and interaction, and you need friends/family/pets even to be happy

g. Intrapersonal ...you learn through inner reflection--self-discovery is the most important thing in the world to you

h. Natural ...you learn best through the Natural world--whether being out in nature, comparing what you learn traditionally with patterns in nature, or connecting better with animals than people.

Also note that I did not include Spiritual, Existential, or Mechanical intelligences on this quiz. If you feel these answers didn't apply to you, consider a full assessment to learn your true intelligences and strengths.

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