One-On-One Sessions

1-on-1 sessions with CC are easy, simple, and fun :) You bring your biggest issue, difficulty, roadblock, or pain, and she helps you turn it around in usually just a couple sessions.

You might also consider a session with CC if you are feeling stuck creatively, are ready for a new direction in life, or want to “pep up” your relationships or career.

These sessions are here to facilitate you finding your Path again or for the first time. Whether you’ve been knocked off your Path and just need a little help relocating it and hopping back on, or whether you feel you never found it in the first place, CC can help you.

CC will figure out what resonates with Guru-YOU. She might give you exercises, ideas, help you brainstorm,  do hypnosis with you, do energy work or healing with you, read your cards, or many more things. Part of what makes CC so valuable when someone’s ready for more in their lives is that she has access to so many tools to help!

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