Janis Neary Miller

I spent decades trying to transform a traumatic and troubled childhood into a healthy and successful adult.  I worked hard on becoming tough, mentally and physically.  Despite years of professional and personal development, I struggled to remove the shame that was constantly lingering in my psyche.  


My upbringing had left me always feeling "wrong."  I was "odd."  Yet I there was this nagging feeling that I was here for a reason. There was a constant tug of war between my determination to be successful and happy, and the pain I felt sometimes well up inside of me. I had countless "careers" from IT to Wellness Coach.  From adaptive recreation to military family support. to full on beach bum.  I had countless relationships that left me feeling alone and misunderstood.  Many saw me as successful.  Happy.  Strong. Living adventurously. But I was wearing a smiling mask, a facade.

Then came the turning point.  My whole world- marriage, job, motherhood, health was crumbling around me and left wondering what the point to it all was.  I was broken and lost.  I found myself turning to the ancient teachings, sciences and studies I had long since shunned to guide me.  The more I learned from these teachings, the more I learned answers were uniquely mine.  As I re-connected with the Divine, the more my soul started to shine.  I found grace and forgiveness. The mask melted, the shame faded, and my gifts started to show up. I started to feel worthy and on purpose.  And joy, abundance, love, authenticity and fulfillment came pouring into my life.   

I now live a genuine and fulfilling life playing in the mountains of Utah, with my vivacious daughter, an aspiring “Doctor on the Moon”, my husband, an Army Medic and teacher, one very attentive Rottweiler, and a flock of laying hens.

One of the gifts I re-claimed is my love and natural understanding of astrology.  It was one of the things I was told was "evil" and made to feel wrong about.  I have come to realize that what created me, also created the oceans, the animals, the stars and the planets.  It is all created by the Divine and therefore, in my understanding of the Great teachings - it is all good.  And it all interconnected. Astrology and the wisdom must have some truth and wisdom in its own right to withstand the test of time.  The wisdom it brought me has been nothing short of miraculous.

I now have a passion for bringing that same awareness to others.  I just love, love, love when someone connects to their own "inner G.U.R.U" - their Genuine Unique Real Unapologetic – Selves and purpose.  I'd love to re-introduce you to the energies that are divinely and uniquely you.  My readings and coaching are intended to help you to trust your inner wisdom, find healing thru self-reclamation and to shine in your in your authenticity and true purpose.

                                                            Love and abundance,

YOU are the GURU you've been looking for"

Janis Miller