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It's Written in the Stars....


      We were created from the same energy or entity that created the animals, the plants. the oceans, the stars, the moon, the planets and the whole universe.  We are all connected to all that is in creation because we are all created from and of the same energy or entity.  There is divine wisdom that lives in each of these creations and that wisdom lives in us too.  The plants know where to grow and how to grow.  The grow into the unique flower that they were meant to be.  Each plant is its own unique energy and has the ability to impact the energy of other creatures.  When we eat plants, we feel the energy from them.  Walk through the forest and see if you don't feel different.   If we too are a unique creation of the divine, then we too "know" these things.  We too have our own unique energy.  We impact other creatures with our energy and our energy is impacted by other creatures.  

      The ancient study of the energy emanating from the celestial sky at our exact time of birth and the unique impact it has on us has been around for centuries.  When used as a tool to better understand ourselves, our life path and our purpose we are able to access the divine wisdom that was imparted there.

In my younger years I was taught that such as study did not align with other ancient teachings.  As I studied it further, I realized that this was an additional way to connect to the Grand Orderly Design of the divine.   The more I studied and experienced it, the brighter my soul shined.  The more I felt grace, gratitude, forgiveness, love, fulfillment, abundance and on purpose.  

When I do my sessions, I seek to bring that same connection to you.  I don't do predictions, horoscopes or when to buy a lottery ticket.  But we can take a journey together to illuminate the Inner G.U.R.U (your Genuine, Unique, REAL, Unapologetic - YOU) that has the Divine wisdom to grow as you were mean to and be the unique creature you were divinely created to be.

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